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The Biologic Dentist

The Biologic Dentist understands the significance of the type of dental material placed in the mouth and its correlation with the health of the entire body.

Several dental materials used in the past, including but not limitted to silver amalgam filllings, metals containing nickle, chromium and cobalt, used for crown and bridge work, partials etc. have safer alternatives today. 

It is important to uderstand the importance of the body's reaction to these materials, as well the safe removal of these elements for an effective detoxification to occur especially of you are already suffering from metal or mercury toxicity.

We are fortunate in that modern Dentistry can be entirely biocompatible and beautiful at the same time and our patients need not compromise on cosmetics while they gain their health back.

At Allen Whole Health Dentistry, we are particularly careful about metal and mercury detoxification and reccomend various adjuctive treatment including detox supplements to make this process fast, effective and safe.

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