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Meet Dr. Namrita Singh

Hi, I am Dr. Singh. I believe that just like the eyes are the window to your soul, the mouth is the window to your entire body. With ongoing research on the oral-systemic links showing stronger connections every day to conditions like heart disease, strokes, diabetes, pregnancy complications, and malignant cancers, I take my role  of being your primary healthcare provider as a dentist very seriously. I am not just taking care of your teeth and gums. I look at each you more holistically, with your over all health and well being as my first priority. 

My practice is unique in its diagnostic capacity and the wide range of treatment options available beyond the gums and teeth. We can screen and aid in early diagnosis of various conditions and if necessary refer you to physicians in a timely manner. Imagine your child coming to a dental appointment, and the exam shows bleeding gums and a little tartar not usually seen at that age. A simple oral DNA test of his or her saliva can indicate if it is positive or negative for a certain gene. If they are positive, they are more inclined to have certain other chronic inflammatory diseases including heart disease and diabetes in adulthood. Imagine how powerful that knowledge is for a parent, who can show these finding to a physician, and make certain lifestyle changes for that child now, something as simple as diet and exercise, which could prevent that child from ever clinically manifesting that disease. That to me is real prevention and that is what I am most passionate about. This scenario repeated itself in my office as recently as last week!

I am a show-and-tell kind of a dentist. I love using cutting-edge technology that allows me to practice evidence-based dentistry. Through this, I am able to make patients aware of their individual dental condition by clearly showing it to them. This allows me to educate patients on the consequences of not treating these conditions, and it also gives me the opportunity to explain all of their options to restore their health. Being able to measure the improvement in their condition, and visibly displaying it to them, keeps my patients motivated about taking care of themselves. We have scans to detect TMJ problems that are accurate enough to give me the exact percentile of pressure on each tooth as you bite, and we have laser cameras that detect hidden cavities on the surface of teeth. We do DNA tests and state-of-the-art range-of-motion tests. But, along with that, you will also hear about acupressure techniques for relieving dental anxiety and herbal remedies for patients sensitive or allergic to conventional medication.

I am passionate about helping my patients overcome their fears of the dentist, taking care of them with a gentle touch, and giving them a beautiful, healthy smile. Meeting new patients and getting to know them helps me create customized treatment plans that are designed to meet their specific needs and goals. Each person is different and each smile is different, so it makes sense for each treatment plan to be different! Helping my patients take even a small step towards a healthy smile and a healthy body, overcome their phobias, and most importantly to make their treatment affordable and accessible gives me the utmost satisfaction. Getting to know my patients and making new friends for life is truly the most enjoyable part of my work, and it is what I look forward to every day.

Education and Continuing Education

I attended the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University for my dental education, earning my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Since then, I have continued to advance my knowledge and training to deliver the highest quality of care to my patients while also keeping their experience as painless and comfortable as possible.

I belong to various local and national study clubs, which offer many continuing education courses throughout the year, especially on the latest techniques and materials available in dentistry. I like to expand my knowledge base to take a more holistic approach of overall dental health and well-being, instead of just treating teeth. My recent continuing education courses have involved Fastbraces®, Invisalign®, sleep dentistry, TMD therapy, headache and migraine management, and laser dentistry, just to name a few.

Professional Affiliations

My Office Philosophy

My practice philosophy is based on “whole health beyond the mouth.” I want my patients to live long, healthy lives. Improving their quality of life by keeping them disease free and stress free and giving them something more to smile about gives me utmost satisfaction. We don’t just treat disease, we try to detect it and prevent it before it becomes disease, or we find its cause and treat the cause. I have realized that seeing the big picture and focusing on the actual cause of disease instead of its symptom helps achieve overall health and wellness of the patient as a whole. We listen to you, we earn your trust, we educate you to choose the path to optimal health, and we do this with a delicate blend of modern science and knowledge and age-old traditions of natural healing to give you the right to choose what is best for you.

Family and Community

I am originally from New Delhi, India, and I now live in Plano, TX, with my husband and three wonderful children. I love to read just about anything. I also love to travel, especially with my children. Showing them cities with culture and history and teaching them about the different languages and traditions this world has to offer is incredibly rewarding. I am passionate about improving children’s education and awareness of current events. We live in a global village, and I believe teaching our children to be open, accepting, and tolerant to different beliefs is the pathway to the world we want to live in. 

When it comes to our local community, I am very involved in providing dental education to various local schools in the community to improve understanding of the importance of dental health in connection with overall health.